I work as a software engineer. I have masters in Software Development and an undergraduate degree in Psychology (both awarded by University of Glasgow).

At work, I’m mostly doing backend stuff, although recently I started dabbling in frontend from time to time, too. At the moment, I have the pleasure of using Python, TypeScript and PostgreSQL at work. Most of the stuff is done with the help of Django (backend) and React (frontend).

Before switching jobs I used to program quite a bit in Java and Groovy. I also had a pleasure (and sometimes a fair amount of pain) of using Spring Boot, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Maven & Gradle, as well as various flavors of SQL.

Both now and then Linux, OS X, Docker, git are tools that I use daily. Both then and now I’m involved in writing microservices and making sure they don’t fall down when the wind starts blowing.

In my free time, however, I like to poke various technologies and languages, such as Kotlin, Dart, JavaScript, CSS, Spring Boot, Flutter, etc.